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tv   Up to the Minute  CBS  August 23, 2013 3:35am-4:30am EDT

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receptor sites, and the cells. > to decline? away. i mean, literally, after the age of 20, certainly after the age of 30, and doctors say over the age of 40, over half the men have low t, which is an acronym, low t is our modern-day action hero, testosterone. but it's not only testosterone, testosterone we could say is the king hormone, but we have what we call the gonadotropin's. the gonadotropin's are produced in the hypothalamus in the pituitary gland, and they're so important, because that's the big head communicating with the little head. and that's what we call the hypothalamic pituitary testicular axis. and those of you who study the science understand what i'm talking about. you need proper brain chemistry to, through these very important glands, hypothalamus and pituitary, to communicate with the gonads >> in doing the research for the show john, and i was reading about, testosterone levels in men usually peak around dawn, like four, five o'clock in the morning now. in ancient times it's because we were going out hunting and gathering in doubt killing things to bring back for food.
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talks to the issue of morning erections men lose this, that doesn't happen for them anymore, right? for moral, ethical, consensual sexual reasons. we are procreative creatures. it's in our genetic code whether we are consciously aware of it or not. >> creatures. man is been pretty good at it. because i remember reading that we only started out with two people, and now were about 7 billion. so we're really good at procreating. the sexual responses given to us by the universe or mother nature. we are tested to see if we are capable of inseminating a female by having nocturnal erections at nighttime. checking to see the circulation, if the nerves have the sensitivity, if were producing enough sperm, if we can actually get an erection to inseminate. that's mother nature checking in on us. men lose that nocturnal erection capability with time. androzene brings you back to all your sexual capabilities. your sexual youth so to say.
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and that jj, is one of the first testimonials i get from guys who use androzene, >> got up this morning, and i was able to pull vault out of bed, you know? and that's a really really good feeling for a man. > again, you are a book about sexual health as well, and, you're very, very candid in your book. you know, you yourself, you know, suffer with some challenges with some challenges in the bedroom. tell us a little bit about, you know, what happened with you? steroids. i was 18, 19 years old. coaches back then gave it to us. they weren't as illegal back then as they are today. in fact, you can get them over the counter. and what they do, when you take something exogenous, ex, from outside the body, your normal metabolism starts to shut down. what happened to me, and all our other athletes, in the early 20s, this is what's happening to men in their 40s and 50s. i ran into every doctor, a doctor, i'm having problems, my hormones or out a whack. they look at you like, i didn't know. male sexuality was not studied because man's contribution of procreation, it's just a couple
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of minutes, and he's running around out chasing dinosaurs where the woman has got to bear the burden of nine months to carry the child. so male sexuality, until recently, was very misunderstood. not even studied it all. so what i have found, learning from the athletes, the athletes were fantastic at learning how to recover their sexual loop, the hormonal loop, after it's been down regulated. and then i started studying anti-aging science and the fountain of youth, how to live longer. i contribute, now, articles to life extension type foundations. > earlier, with procreation and how it, you know, couples, you know, it becomes a very stressful event. you know, ah, you know, they want to have a baby, and sometimes the husband is almost, you know, multiple times, you've got to, the woman's ready and you're not. with that? in fact a lot of women go to their gynecologists and say, doc, i can't get pregnant. we've been at this for months
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now. one lady >> couple of years. >> female problem, it was the guy. androzene nourishes the prostate, it nourishes the testicles, it nourishes that whole system right there. it just doesn't have one target area. and androzene puts the male back into the man. it makes you more sexually youthful for procreative and pleasure for reasons. >> too, in my field of study of holistic health, i study how belief systems, our thoughts physical health. so i know what the prescription drugs, it doesn't even address the idea of desire passion and spontaneity. that's an interesting observation jj. because, you know, drugs just go right to the area which is the symptom or the effect. androzene goes to the cause. >> in your 20s, 30s, or 40s, and your taking those prescription erection pills that just hit the symptoms, and you're not addressing the cause, next year, five years, 10 years from now, you're totally destroyed, you're totally impotent.
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you're not going to be able to perform at all because you haven't been nourishing your sexual system. androzene is combined nutrients from all over the globe, we've gone to india, germany, switzerland, west africa, all around the united states, switzerland, the amazon rain forest, and you know, like, the jungle healer medicine man > the jungle, look at that plant, what's that for, what does that do for you. plants are not even in the food pyramid today. >> got fruits and vegetables, and you got fats, and meats, and dairy products, >> dinosaurs ate herbs, gorillas eat herbs, insect eat herbs, you know, deer, elk, and caribou, and moose eat herbs. these are powerful animals that, are sexually vigorous. androzene these natural food, it's completely safe, and it addresses the holistic system of the body. >> wanna pull back out is spontaneity. important. i mean, for me, as a woman, interesting thing, spontaneity is a big thing, and we no
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prescription erection pills are clumsy, in addition to the side effects of being nauseated, and sick to your stomach, and diarrhea, which aren't sexy, if you don't take that pill the right time it ain't happening, it ain't happening. not only are you creating negative side effects >> which in the long run is devastating. but let's say for instance, you go out to dinner, you say, oh, i forgot my prescription erection pills at home, and on the way home, like you just did to mike, you put your hands on a shoulder and the guys isn't responding, the woman thinks, he's not interested, he's tired... >> we take it personally. >> > the formula and actually, how it was put together scientifically, in just a moment. > and you want to perform better in the bedroom. if you want to increase both you and your partner's sexual satisfaction and pleasure, then pick up the phone and give us a call. androzene will actually help you increase your stamina, desire, and even hardness. androzene is an all natural formula. it's only available exclusively today through this special television offer, without the
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embarrassing doctors visit or prescriptions. >> worked out a special arrangement with our guest today, john abdo, where you can receive a substantial discount off the regular price of the product. plus if you call in the next two minutes, you can get your first month suppy of androzene absolutely free. so if you want to have the best sex of your life, and the best sex with your partner, pick up the phone and give us a call. we have trained representatives that can answer all your questions, > been scientifically formulated. it's unconditionally guaranteed to work. so pick up the phone and give us a call. > talking about the ingredients and how they've been sourced. tell us a little bit about the formulation and how it was actually, you know, put together? mike. i mean, the formulation is second to none. it's made with high potency, high purity, all-natural ingredients from all over the world, including the amazon rain forest. the facility is a multimillion dollar facility that staff with botanists, herbologists, individual experts were trained
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in compound pharmacy, conventional medicine, it's just an unbelievable formulation that combines everything that meets the fortification for the male sexual system. androzene is formulated with a process called standardization. now standardization is really, really important for the viewers to understand, because what that does is that it assures the same potency and purity in each and every batch. we have men that rely on androzene every single month. it's the same potency. and because it's an fda regulated facility, the standardization means that when you produce this product the same extract test be used. i'll give you an example, we've always watermelon, and watermelon taste nice and sweet sometimes right? >> grocery store, the supplier, the following week, same-store, same supplier, but the watermelon isn't as sweet > same potency. it's not regulated. with this type of product, if we need to put in more extract we
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process it to where it does meet those standards. the facility is what we call a gmp related facility, good manufacturing practice, which by the fda mean that manufacturer, they're good. and this is something that i put my name on, i've been using for years. and it absolutely works .as sophisticated as the science is, and you know i've written a book on it, and i talk about all the glands in the body and the cascade of hormones, all you have to do is pop the pill because all the sophistication was done with decades of research and development input into androzene. >> science part, let's talk about the passion and the desire part. which is really important to women. it's definitely important to women. because, it's not a me thing when a man has a sexual disorder, it's a we thing. and most of the testimonials, if not all of them, it's not about the guys, like, oh, you know, i've got to get better for me, it's like, i've got to please her. because if she's not pleased, you know with the old saying is, she's going to go find it somewhere else. women feel great, and when a man is not feeling great about himself, his sensitivity is low, if he is able to achieve an
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erection it doesn't last really long because he can't sustain that. that's another form of sexual disorder. there are all different forms of ed, or sexual disorders. androzene makes you more sexually youthful. androzene makes you ready 24/7.. we talked about, you know, some men can pull bolt out of bed in the morning. but it nighttime they're just kind of wimped out. and it's because of the sexual cascade. women have sexual cycles, which is pretty obvious, to menstrual cycles, that's visually obvious. to a man it's not visually obvious, but we can feel it.. androzene works on the brain. the hypothalamus, the pituitary, the testicular axis which are the gonads, the adrenals, the prostate, it's a complete male spectrum formula. > spontaneity. and, again, a lot of these drugs that are out there, you know, like you said, you take them right before you think there's going to be some sort of sexual event, with andro, and sometimes it doesn't happen and sometimes it does. with androzene, it's a product that you can take, you know, daily, it's also the multivitamin for sexual health.
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male body. it's almost like, if you tell someone to quit eating every day, you're going to die. you're going to will the way, your muscles are going to have > androzene is nutritional nourishment that you can't get from food. but this is food. these are plants cultivated around the world that are combined with a process called standardization, so that the purity and potency are the same each and every month of the men who rely on it. and what this does, it nourishes the sexual system, it makes you sexually younger, > male genital part, it's like a flimsy balloon before you pump air into it. a balloon or a tire, once you pump air into it, it becomes voluminous, as big as the elastic characteristics will allow it to stretch, becomes hard. and it's the same thing with the male anatomy. but it's not air that's going in there, it's blood. androzene helps to support more blood supply to the genital, reproductive region of the body,.. if a man is relying on drugs to increase his sexual performance, he's not addressing the causes. so in the long run, he's going to build up a tolerance, and compounding effects of the
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negative effects of, at the same time, not addressing the causes, he's going to be worse off, he's never going to have sex again the rest of his life. he needs to nourishes body, even if he is using prescription drugs, he needs the nourishment of androzene. >> i've heard from men as well as from women, and some of my friends, that while it does that one thing to create an erection, there's very little sensitivity. yeah. >> right electrical, or nerve energy. sensitivity is your brain communicating the bighead with the little head. so when a man becomes desensitized, what is taking a prescription erection pill, he's mechanically or artificially capable of having sex >> he could fall asleep and still have an erection. > thing that you had mentioned earlier, again, is that, you know, the sexual health, or sexual performance is not just about the physiological effect that's going on down there, it's the, you had mentioned, it's the brain, it's the entire, it's our entire system, you know, it's
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not just the male organ. brain mike. and when you look at it anatomically, scientifically, it starts in the hypothalamus and pituitary, and you mentioned it best jj, we are sensory creatures, you know, everything we smell, taste, see, is touch is a sensation. but how about our sixth sense, which is our memory our thoughts >> that's lust. we can think about sex, and all of a sudden the bighead communicating with little head, and we're revved up. but as a man gets older, he thinks about sex, and it's just not happening. it takes a much longer to get aroused. it takes much longer to get in the mood, and it takes much longer to recover from a sexual period. androzene allows you to always be in the mood the whole day > for one second. when we come back i do want to talk a little bit more about, you know, the users of the product. people that had been on the product for some time, and the experiences that they've actually had. > and you want to perform better in the bedroom. if you want to increase both you and your partner's sexual satisfaction and pleasure, then
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pick up the phone and give us a call. androzene will actually help you increase your sexual stamina, desire, and even hardness. androzene is an all natural formula. it's only available exclusively today through this special television offer, without the embarrassing doctors visit or prescriptions. >> worked out a special arrangement with our guest today, john abdo, where you will receive a substantial savings off the regular price of this product, plus if you call in the next two minutes, and ask how you can get your first months supply of androzene absolutely free. if you want to have the best sex of your life, pick up the phone and give us a call. we have trained representatives that are standing by to answer all of your questions. > been scientifically formulated. it's unconditionally guaranteed to work. so pick up the phone and give us a call. > about, you know, some of the people that are using the androzene formula and some of their success stories? it's amazing mike. i mean, a lot of these men, and women, i interviewed personally. and when they sit down with you
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and close the doors, and they know, john abdo, a health expert, this is their time to review it all, some of these guys, as macho and as muscular as they look, break down in tears. and, again, it's not the me thing, it's the wee thing. she's going to leave me, i'm not able to perform anymore, i used to be able to do it multiple times per day, i'm struggling doing it one time per week. as soon as you take the product, because it's binary release formulation, it gets into the body but it also stays for a long duration. so when you take this product on a daily basis it stays in your body 24 hours per day. we talk about spontaneity. prescription erection pills are clumsy. you've got to really time these things perfectly. you can't eat most of the time with these products. and if you don't hit that window of opportunity, it's over with. and you put this drug in your system and you're destroying cellular integrity. androzene nourishes your body. the people that use androzene, whether you're 21 or 71, and i've had been in all different ranges, the best testimonial a get from people, is that i'm starting to wear her out, where she used to wear me out.
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i mean, it makes everyone laugh and smile, because now, you know, sexuality in a relationship is what bonds the relationship together. and it's not only sex, these men read the respect their female so much that they want please that woman. otherwise that woman is not to be satisfied. let me tell you personally, when a man can't perform. >> that up. because i know some women that you talk to, some friends of mine, have said, you know, am i not attracted to him anymore, am i not desirous. but it's the thing, they aren't looking at it from his perspective. and he's trying to do the best he can do. what women say, oh, i don't feel as good anymore to him >> believe me, women feel good. trust me, it's the men who are desensitized. when you become more sensual, and virile, which androzene does, it makes you more sensuous, you could just touch a guys hand and he's ready to go. you could whisper to him, you could text in the message, or call him on his cell phone. he's ready to go. because the brain >>
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head connection. so sensitivity is a big part of that which prescription erection pills do not do.,they do not increase arousal, they do not boost sensitivity, they do not help the orgasmic experience, they only work on the effect. androzene works on the effect, but more importantly it works on the causes of why you're getting sexually older, or your hormones are an imbalance. > if someone were to go on the androzene formula, how quickly does it work? for over 40 years, i started when i was 17 years old, teaching health, fitness, sports performance and nutrition. i'll be 57 next year. i've been doing this a long time. i've wasted a lot of time, and a lot of money myself, running around trying to find something for me. until i found androzene, this stuff works, i have people who are physically on my user group who have been using androzene a month after month after month, the guys waking up with a morning erection. the guys girlfriend is saying, what in the heck are you taking. we have one guy, his name is mike, great guy, successful guy,
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he was able to work himself up with a prescription erection pills, and battling with his performance anxiety, to have sex one time per week. he was dating this girl for several months, and the girl said, hey, let's go on vacation together. sad. s-a-d, sexual aversion disorder, his anxiety became so overwhelming because he thought, and new, they go on a five day vacation, he had to perform each and every day, and he was not capable of doing it. androzene reversed all that for this guy. > evidence that we have, that you talked about, the people in your user group, i mean, is there science on the formula and the ingredients themselves, studied for hundreds and for thousands of years. these are plants that come from mother nature. the dinosaurs ate plants, gorillas eat plants, you know, plants are being used around the world. so the studies had been done on this are totally efficacious. i would not be sitting here right now promoting a formula, you know i do other tv shows > fitness business, i have exercise equipment and fitness products. there is no way i would put my
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name on a product and/or endorse a product, and the harp part of this whole team, if it did not work and i did not think this was the best product to put the male back into the man. >> gorillas beat their chest, and lions roar, and peacock spread their feathers, and deer, elk, caribou, and moose they spread their racks of antlers, basically what they're saying is, i'm the strongest guy >> babies and i'm the one who's going to protect them the best in this kingdom right here. man is no different. when man becomes sexually capable, and more fortified, sexually youthful, sexually healthier, he's much more confident. it's not only good in the bedroom, mike, it's good in the boardroom, it's good in the gym. this product is a product that makes a man a stronger, healthier, more sexually capable man. >> your performance ability, it helps to increase the sustainability and repeatability of. and we talked about hardness, i know you mentioned hardness, take a balloon for instance, a balloon is elastic it's like rubber > male genital region. it's got elastic characteristics, and it's flimsy and limp when it's not filled
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up, a balloon fill it up with air to get it big and voluminous and long, indicating its maximum girth. it's the same thing with male genitalia except with androzene, androzene helps to pump blood into that area of the body not only to make a man more voluminous, and reaches maximum size, but keep them that way. and, to get to your point jj, to make you more sensitive. so not only is he enjoying the experience. he's having orgasmic sex. and then it's like, hey honey, it's been like 15, 20 min., let's do it again. >> so this is what, if i'm connecting the dots right here, because you used a phrase before the show i thought was very interesting. high-frequency love-life. phrase. yet it's a great phrase. and, i mean, all of us, one were younger, we had high-frequency, we could do it any time, sometimes we get aroused without really even thinking about it. we talk about sensory creatures. well as we age, our hormones go down, not just in our body, but in our brain. the brain becomes weak. the hypothalamus and pituitary are sensory organisms. and because of stress, and environmental toxins, and
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financial pressures, and all these things, the brain just get so tired, oh, i don't have time for sex, i don't even, you know, this doesn't feel good anymore, i'm just not in the mood. but once you take androzene, it's like, whoa. and this is the ultimate high, sex and the experience of the orgasmic experience, is the ultimate high we experience no matter what we do in life. mother nature rewards us for being procreative creatures, by giving us extreme pleasure. > amazing show. it's really also been informative, we're actually running out of time, but are there any last thoughts you would like to leave with our viewers. absolutely. men need androzene. this is nourishment that nourishes every cell in our body. boost the healthy hormones. and allows them, not only to be sexually capable, but strong and confident. and i guarantee, as a me thing, it's going to make you stronger. but as a we thing, your significant other is going to be extremely pleased. > our guest, i'm sure we'll have you back. > here today from john abdo, if you want to perform better in the bedroom. if you want to increase both you
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and your partner's sexual satisfaction and pleasure, then pick up the phone and give us a call. androzene and will actually help you increase your sexual stamina, desire, and even hardness. androzene is an all natural formula, again, available exclusively today through the special television offer without the embarrassing doctors visits or prescriptions. >> worked out a special arrangement with our guest john abdo, where you will receive a substantial savings off the regular price of this product. plus, if you call in the next two minutes, ask how you can get your first months supply off androzene absolutely free. if you want to have the best sex of your life, then pick up the phone and give us a call. we have trained representatives that can answer all of your questions. > androzene, has been scientifically formulated. its unconditionally guaranteed work, so pick up the phone and give us call. > an informative show, i'm sure we'll have you back. > >> >> thanks for watching.
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now. let's worship the lord together. put your hands together and pray together. is he worthy to me? praise tonight. is he worthy to me? praise. oh yeah. sing this song with us. we have come worship. ♪ we have come time to worsh worship ♪ we have come to praise him ♪ ♪ and bless his holy name ♪ we have come to worship and lift a hand of praise ♪ ♪ we have come to praise him ♪ and bless his holy name ♪ worthy ♪ worthy to be saved ♪ worthy to be saved
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♪ ♪ wanting to be saved so blessy his holy name ♪ ♪ he's worthy ♪ worthy to be praised ♪ he's holy ♪ worthy worthy to be praised ♪ so bless his holy name ♪ we have come to worship and lift the hands of praise ♪ ♪ we have come to praise him ♪ we have come to praise him ♪ and bless his holy name ♪ we have come ♪ we have come to worship ♪ and lift up hands of praise ♪ we have come to praise him
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♪ and bless his holy name ♪ he's worthy worthy to be praised ♪ ♪ he's holy ♪ he's worthy ♪ worthy to be praised ♪ so bless his holy name ♪ he's worthy ♪ worthy to be praised ♪ he's holy only you can pray ♪ he's worthy ♪ worthy to be praised ♪ so bless his holy name >> put your hands together. we have come to worship the name of the lord together. sing this. ♪ we have come to worship him
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♪ we have come to worship him ♪ we have come to wore hship hi♪ ♪ we have come to worship ♪ we have come to worship ♪ we have come to worship ♪ we have come to worship him ♪ ♪ he's worthy ♪ we have come to worship ♪ we have come to worship ♪ we have come to worship ♪ we have come to worship ♪ we have come to worship ♪ praise his holy name ♪ we have come to worship
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♪ praise his holy name ♪ we have come to worship ♪ we have come to worship ♪ praise his holy name ♪ he is worthy he is worthy >> amen. say that tonight wh wherever you're watching? we welcome you tonight those from literally around the world, here in the united states, internationally, from australia last night, we've already started getting calls from australia, and we welcome all of you who are watching from australia, from the united kingdom, our friends and partners there. we welcome our military who's watching in bases around the world. we had so many e-mails yesterday from circumstances of
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people's lives. get ready tonight, this is your appointment. tonight is your appointment for god to step into the circumstances of your life and your family and your finances b. so much we could talkuch we cou tonight about that but i want you to know that god has a harvest for you tonight. i want you to get that deep down in your spirit. god has a harvest for you tonight. i'm not hearing too many amens in this place. you know f you don't believe it -- let me just say f you don't believe it, don't expect it to happen because it won't. you've got to believe god's word is true. when a man of god like dr. mike murdock, who's here with us tonight, stands and brings you the word, you have to believe the word. if you don't believe the word, if you have no faith to believe, don't expect to-t to happen. you have to wrap your faith with expect miracle number one tonight. you're getting to witness it live. >> well, listen, let's welcome the southeastern university choir right now as they come
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back to minister and song and you get ready to worship the lord together with them and us around the world tonight. amen. >> god bless you.
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♪ ♪ ♪ amen amen amen amen amen amen amen amen ♪ ♪ amen amen amen amen amen ♪
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am amen♪ ♪ come on, give a shout to the lord in this place tonight. hallelujah. praise you jesus. praise you j you tonight, wherever you're watching around the world. i'm so grateful that the lord has sent dr. mike murdock here to us tonight. once in a lifetime special relationships come into our life, and his relationship and mine, i believe, is one of those special kinds of relationships. it's one that i treasure. so many things that dr. murdock shares have been such a mentoring and a mentorship in my life, because i believe that as he preaches, wisdom is the principle thing.
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and that god has anointing of wisdom upon his life. and i love to just sit at his feet sometime and drink in that wisdom that god has for us. i pray tonight that you'll open your spirit to receive the wisdom of god that he has to share with you tonight through his servient, dr. michael murdock. welcome him as he comes to share the lord with you tonight. amen, dr. murdock. >> turn to proverbs chapter 4. proverbs chapter 4. the ministry has been incredible tonight. all of it, all of it. i want to say about the choir, you're just not another choir, i'll tell you that for sure. i found you delightfully unpredictable. lord, you don't bore. excellent, extraordinary, and
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thankful. and what i'm going to share tonight specifically will be very helpful to you where you are in your assignment as you're in preparation. really listen careful tonight because i feel like the lord will have a word for you. i really do. this has been -- i feel so strong, feel so strong about today and you're at your house. you're wise to give us the next 20, 30, 40 minutes of your life. the only part of the bible that works is the part you know about. the only part of the bible that works is the part you believe. good eyes don't guarantee great ears. a lot of folks see good and can't hear. huh? so there's a part of the gospel
4:14 am
you can know about. there's another part of the gospel you don't know about. you can never rise above your persuasions and repetition creates persuasion. truth doesn't. everything i say tonight will be truth, but that doesn't mean it will change you. bil billy graham has preached truth and many never walked the aisles. jesus preached truth and most of them rejected him. truth is not a changer. i wish it was. but millions hear truth and don't change. repetition creates persuasion. to some of you will i sow a seed. to others it will be repetition. and i want to really massage into your spirit tonight truth.
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god doesn't decide seasons. he creates them. decisions decide seasons. it wasn't god's idea to heal the blind man. it was his idea, the blind man. are you really that slow? you know f you're that slow it's going to be a wasted trip for me. look at someone next to you and say, your ignorance is a burden to you, isn't it? go ahead and look at someone, right there in your house and say, your ignorance is a burden to you, isn't it? never be afraid of a demon. be afraid of being stupid. he said, my people are destro d destroyed -- pardon? are you serious?
4:16 am
for lack of knowledge? i thought it was a lot of demon spirits? my people are destroyed for what? >> lack of knowledge. >> again, tell someone next to you -- it won't be a devil that put you down, it will be your stupidity. now, don't get mad this early. pace your anger over the whole evening. sort of spread it out. imagine the universe -- let's just throw a figure out there. imagine 17,000 miles of sky. imagine 50,000 scrolls hanging from the floor of the heavens with knowledge. imagine those scrolls of
4:17 am
knowledge being a through z. the "a" roll, imagine a scroll a thousand miles long. imagine the scroll saying angels and everything there is to know about angels. we know a few things. there's probably nine levels. you got the guardian angel, the warring angel, worshipping angels. suppose you move over to the blood and you see everything about the blood of jesus. we know the law of the blood. something must die for something else to live. it's the chain of life. the mosquito dies so the lizard can live. the fish dies so we can live. it's the law of blood. something has to die for something else to live. imagine thousands of topics, the
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holy spirit, the only person capable of being contented with you. see, he's the only one that knows what's in you and what's not. the holy spirit is the easiest relationship you'll ever have in your life. incidentally, he's not a bird. that's going to shock you. that's going to really shock you. i don't mean to mess up your head. but he's not a bird. there's nothing wrong with a bird. but he's not a dove. tell someone next to you, say, you don't have to stay stupid. go ahead, look at them and say, you don't have to stay stupid. he's not wind. he moves like wind. and his entry into a room doesn't necessity exit from another. he's not fire. he purifies like fire. he's not water. he cleanses like water. he is a person. is he the invisible jesus who
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walks on your right side. he has eyes, ears, sees, he talks. we're made in his image. so whatever your image is, that's obviously the way he is. he's a person. he's a person. he's not wind with an eyeball. he's not a cloud with a mouth. now, most people don't know that. woo, woo, what's that? holy spirit. he's a person. john 14, 15, 16 calls him the spirit of truth. jobe 34 makes it very clear, 33 and 34, that he's the spirit of life, he's the one that create and designs humans.
4:20 am
he's the one that designed serpents and elephants. a very intriguing person because he designed the squirrel and the dinosaur. so you know his imagination is fierce. just think the one who designed the rose designed the skunk. now, that's a wide spectrum. holy spirit's interesting. you're not going to be bored. i know we think heaven's a big place where everybody walks around in white robes. god has a long white beard. but he's fascinating. he's a person. imagine all theall the scrolls knowledge, imagine going to a scroll over there and it's 1,000 miles long and the word atop is assignment, everything created contains an invisible instruction. everything created is a solution. my watch solves a problem.
4:21 am
my glasses solve a problem. everything -- a pen -- my ears hear. my mouth speaks. my mind thinks. my hands reach. my feet walk. mechanics solve car problems. dentists solve teeth problems. everything created is a solution. the fact that you're here, god saw something no one could solve, so he created you to solve that problem. there's never been a you before. that's why nobody understands you. nobody like you has ever arrived. your assignment is decided by god and discovered by you. jeremiah 18 through 12, in your mother's womb. you don't decide what you are. you discover what you are.
4:22 am
what you love, what you love to think about is a clue to an invisible gift. what you love to hear about is a clue to an invisible passion. your assignment is always geographical. you don't belong everywhere. you belong somewhere. even jesus didn't do well in places. that's why he left nazareth and went to capernium. where you are matters as much as what you are. can you be the right person in the wrong environment. they brought some fish to my property. they laid there gavening like fish do. i stared at the fish with many thoughts. can't walk, can't talk, can't fly, and my thoughts are, boy, fish are really stupid. i wish i didn't use that word so much, but it just comes to
4:23 am
natural. when i dropped the fish into the water, the genius emerged. because when you are where you have been assigned, you have no rivals. nobody can compete with you. your assignment's always to a person or a people. if your name is moses, your assignments is to the israelites. if your name is aryn, your assignment is to moses. not everybody needs you. your kitten, no. you're completely unnecessary to some people. you're not going to be missed by many. he says, i don't want to come to this service tonight. no, you don't belong.
4:24 am
there are folks that don't miss you at all. don't even need you. there's a -- you belong to -- you're assigned. one young man said, mike, i'm called to the whole world. i said, wow, jesus jr. you're not called to the whole world. if you are, the rest of us can go to honolulu. how do you know to whom you have been assigned? whose pain do you feel? whose tears affect you? whose enemies are you willing to confront? whose success consumes you? your assignment will always have an enemy.
4:25 am
enemies are glorious things. they're gates of your future. without an enemy, you dount don't have a future. in the kingdom the only people rewarded are overcomers. until a goliath comes into your life, you have to stay a shepherd boy. sheep is your future unless you're willing to address an adversary. see, when you ask god for a future, he'll schedule an enemy. the difference between seasons is the enemy you're willing to overcome. so when an enemy walks in your life, get excited. that means god's used up the benefits of your present season. it's time for a change. enemies are not walls, they're doors to your next season.
4:26 am
let's pull down another scroll. tonight that's the scroll i want to address. my father is an enter sinterses never spent a day in the hospital, prays six to ten hours a day. there's a scroll he's never read. i want to talk to you about that scroll. there's thousands and millions of people that have dreams and goals, but no money to obtain them. there's pastors that want to build chumprches but don't have any money. many mothers go to bed at night wishing they could put their kids through college, but they don't have any money. i wish i could tell you if you prayed for money, you'd get it. but you haven't, have you?
4:27 am
see, if prayer brings you money, then bill gates must be the number one intercessor on earth. richest man in america. did you know some of the most spiritual people on earth are broke? did you know it's possible to have a clean heart and empty hands? one woman came to me, she said don't you think if god wants me to have money, he'll give it to me if he don't, he won't? i said, that sure sounds logical to me. if god wants to you comb your hair, he'll comb it for you. you know, my greatest fear of hell is being with all the fools at one time. i can take the flames. it's being with all the stooges of the earth. forever and ever.
4:28 am
now, that's hell. i can handle the flames. boy, just imagine being with idiots. and no exit. one man says, don't you think the lord gives money to people he can trust? if he can trust you with it, he'll give it to you. i says, oh, that explains why the mafia has it, missionaries don't. i want to tell you a little story of my life tonight. and i really felt impressed, and i get excited when god lets me because i don't get to do it too often. i'm one of seven preacher's kids. my father's a paster and has been my whole life. i have four sisters, two brothers. i'm number three.
4:29 am
out of the seven i am the smartest, out of the seven, of the seven children. and you say, now, how would you know that? because i treat my mother and daddy better than all the other kids. that's how you know the smartest. whoever treats the parents the best, that's the smartest. you got six kids, one that treats you good, there's your brain. the bible says if you honor your mother and father, it will go well with you all the days of your life. it is so easy to succeed, it hurts. all you have to do is be good to your mommy and daddy. proverbs 4, verse 7 is the theme of our ministry. out of the 800,000 words in the bible, takes you 56 hours to read it through, that scripture, somebody said, what g


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